Style Is Personal

When it comes to that special piece of jewellery, wedding or engagement ring, what could be more unique than having it designed and handcrafted just for you?  Or your partner… This page is a brief overview of the steps involved in a custom made bespoke piece of jewellery.  Pricing is according to materials and complexity of design, but commissions for a custom designed piece of jewellery have been undertaken for as little as £100.00.  Budgets are always strictly adhered to. 

The Idea

Initial Consultation Free of Charge-Clients can have a very clear idea of what they want or a notion that needs teasing out, sometimes bringing photographs or other pieces of jewellery as reference points. During these initial discussions timescale, budget, measurements and stone requirements are taken.  I can order diamonds or coloured gemstones for viewing with no obligation for these to be used. At the end of this stage I will do drawings of options discussed, or if the design idea is clear I will make a model.

The Model

A hand carved wax model is now made of the agreed custom design. Once this model is approved and the choice of metal decided, the cost is finalised and a 50% deposit is taken. If stones have been ordered as part of the design, they will be viewed and approved at the same time.

The Final Product

The bespoke piece will be presented for approval, the fit checked, and when all final adjustments are completed the final payment is made. If the piece is a gift, and subsequent adjustments to the size are needed, these will be done free of charge. A six month and yearly check up on the piece is made as a part of the custom design service.